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In 2002 and 2005-2006, Members of Proyecto Jach'a Machaca conducted archaeological research in and around the site of Iruhito (Irohito), located on the east bank of the Desaguadero River.  Research consisted of regional survey, mapping, excavation, and analysis.  Results of the 2002 investigations were synthesized in two Licensiatura theses completed by Adolfo Perez and Maribel Perez.  Some of the results of the 2005-6 investigations can be found in our third preliminary report, and others are in progress.

Caracteristicas de la economia de subsitencia en contextos de los periodos formativo y Tiwanaku en el sitio de Irohito Bolivia. Maribel Perez Arias, 2005. Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia.

Autonomia y dinamica social en los Andes: proceso y desorollo socioeconomico en Irohito Bolivia. Adolfo Perez Arias, 2004, Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia.

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