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Ceramic Analysis

John Janusek
Vanderbilt University
Project Director

Victor Plaza
Sociedad de Arqueologia, La Paz (SALP)
Project Co-Director

Randi Gladwell, Vanderbilt University: Faunal analysis; camelids; food and ritualized consumption (Khonkho Wankane, Tiwanaku, etc.)
Lic. Carlos Lemuz, Sociedad de Arqueologia, la Paz (SALP): Regional settlement analysis; qocha productive systems (Khonkho Wankane, Iruhito, Tiwanaku, etc.)
Eric Marsh, University of California, Santa Barbara: Household organization; domestic activities (Khonkho Wankane, Tiwanaku)
Arik Ohnstad, Vanderbilt University: Network analysis; ceremonialism and landscape; monolithic iconography (Khonkho Wankane)
Lic. Maribel Perez, University of Pittsburgh: Iruhito; Faunal analysis; regional settlement analysis; residential organization (Khonkho Wankane, Iruhito)
Lic. Adolfo "Fito" Perez, Sociedad de Arqueologia, La Paz (SALP): Residential organzization; ceramic analysis; lithic analysis; regional analysis (Iruhito and the Desaguaddero Basin, Khonkho Wankane)
Scott Smith University of California, Riverside: History of ceremonial construction, ceremonialism and political authority, Geographical Information Systems (Khonkho Wankane)
Jennifer Zovar, Vanderbilt University: Late Intermediate Period; community/ethnic reformulation; state collapse; ceramic analysis; ritual consumption (Pukara de Khonkho, Khonkho Wankane)

Specialists and Project Collaborators:

Leonardo Benitez: Archaeoastronomy 
Carrie Anne Berryman, Vanderbilt University: Bioarchaeology: Dietary anlysis
Dr. Deborah E. Blom, University of Vermont: Bioarchaeology
Dr. Chris Dayton, Boston University: Geophysical Survey
Catherine Domanska, University of Pennsylvania: Bioarchaeology 
Amanda Garrison, University of California, Santa Barbara: Groundstone analysis
Dr. Martin Giesso, Northeastern Illinois University: Lithic analysis
Dr. Kelly Knudson, Arizona State University: Bioarchaeology; specialized chemical analyses 
Dr. James Pokines, Central identification Laboratory, Hawaii: Micro-faunal analysis 
Ben Vining, Boston University: Geophysical survey 
Dr. Patrick Ryan Williams, Field Museum of Natural History: Geophysical survey
Community Development:
Joel Zovar, University of Illinois:  Museology and community development 
Lic. Ludwing Cayo, UNAR: Conservator; Monumental curation and reconstruction

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